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Waverley Preparatory School and Day Nursery

Nursery 1: Rising 1 Yr olds

Our Nursery 1 class at Waverley offers excellent childcare for children from 3 months in a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment. In this class,  we care for 'rising one year olds' ie. children turning one in that academic year.

In Nursery 1, our aim is to provide secure, warm and comforting care for your baby. Our Nursery 1 building is therefore located away from our other buildings, providing a nurturing environment for babies to develop, have fun and flourish. Our babies in Nursery 1 also have their own separate dedicated outdoor space and garden which is away from the hustle and bustle of the main school and our older Nursery classrooms. Our Nursery 1 building benefits from several individual themed rooms for children to participate and enjoy different activities such as light boxes, relaxed bean-bag story-telling areas, messy and noisy play and a dining area. We also have a separate sleeping room with individual cots. 

We offer highly flexible childcare provision with a choice of drop-off and collection times. Care is available 07:30hrs - 18:00hrs, either 51 weeks a year or just term-time only. The Nursery has a range of pick up and collections times to enable working and busy families to match their childcare needs to their family schedule.

Waverley has an on-site kitchen where all food is cooked fresh each day by our own chefs, including daily freshly baked bread, home-made salads and fruit bowls, and desserts and cakes. If your child is in our care for breakfast, lunch or tea then they will be provided a meal. For our babies, our chefs prepare food for our babies weaning onto solid foods and our menu is carefully prepared to ensure that all babies receive a properly balanced diet - no matter what stage of weaning they are at.

Why is Nursery 1 special for your child?

  • Educating your child through their Early Years development.
  • Benefitting from the facilities of a top-ranked UK Prep School.
  • Dedicated care for baby from 3 months: to ensure a secure home environment to nurture your baby’s development
  • Experienced and fully qualified staff work from 07:30hrs to 18:00hrs: providing the highest level of care and continuity throughout the day
  • A welcoming, spacious, softly lit and ‘no outdoor shoe’ room for baby to explore: providing a comforting and homely space
  • Regular walks and activities in our fantastic natural outdoor space: a unique environment for baby to explore and grow
  • Toy and treasure baskets at baby’s level: allowing baby to make independent choices with baskets containing wooden spoons, whisks and shiny materials
  • A modern and visible kitchen: ensuring staff keep close to baby
  • All nappies, cotton wool and nappy cream are provided. 

These babies are having the time of their lives! Waverley is home away from home for my son. (Mrs S)

Session Times

Drop-Off Times: choose from 07:30hrs, 08:00hrs or 08:30hrs.

Collection Times: choose from 15:30hrs, 16:45hrs and 18:00hrs.

What’s Included in our Fees

Choose from a range of session times. Our daily fees include all meals and snacks (a hot freshly prepared meal and pudding by our on-site chefs at lunchtime and tea-time), formula milk, cows’ milk, nappies, wipes and cream.

Breakfast is included for children arriving by 08:15hrs.

To view our fees, please click here

Meals and Menus

Our Nursery 1 meal times are

  • Breakfast 08:15hrs
  • Snack 10:00hrs
  • Lunch 11:30hrs
  • Snack 14:00hrs
  • Tea 16:00hrs

Our latest menu can be viewed by clicking here


Our activities schedule in Nursery 1 is based around our meal times and our babies' routines. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) curriculum and therefore our activities are based around this.  At the same time, we are guided by the interests of our children. Our children have a daily woodland walk and we spend as much time outdoors throughout the day as possible.


Our Nursery 1 dining area...